Classes 课程

Ashtanga 阿斯汤加瑜伽

For Beginer to Advanced level students, mysore style practice by your own;guide is prctice with teacher's guide. 设置了从初级中级高级不同阶段的课程,两种风格,迈索课与大家一起的自我练习;口令课由老师带领。

What is Ashtanga yoga?什么是阿斯汤加瑜伽?

Jivamukti yoga 吉瓦穆克提瑜伽(吉瑜伽)

Jivamukti yoga for busy people /begniner vinyasa ,for busy people who wanna practice during the break and get more energy, and also for people who intersted in Jivamukti yoga.One moth course includs standing\seat\bending\together sequence. 吉瓦穆克提基础流瑜伽,适合从未接触过这一派系练习的初学者,繁忙的上班族,从站、坐、后弯等基础序列开始的一个月基础练习。

Jivamukti yoga Intermidiate and Advanced course, for peopel who already done Beginer vinyasa or has yoga practice experience and willing to know more about Jivamukti yoga.


What is JIvamukti yoga? 什么是吉瓦穆克提瑜珈?

Satsang 冥想\唱诵\哲学

Satsang is a way to guide students getting close to higher-self or self-awareness through compassion. we do meditation, kirtan, discuss yoga phylosophy. Yoga is a union, not just pose practice, we putting them together for all of you have understand what is yoga. 


Restorative 修复课

For people who need relax the muscle and energy recharge , yoga fecility using in the class. 


CST 头荐骨治疗

Cranioscard Therapy from Upledger institute, 5G gentley touch on your body and Cranioscard sysytem to release your inner pressure. 


Yoga for children 儿童瑜伽

For children health ,build a tight bond between you and your children,cultivate children complement personality through yoga practice.


ICP 私教课

For your needs, offer one on one class detaileble.



timetable 课程表 (xlsx)